Where They’re Headed: Ivan Quezada Taveras ‘22

The economics major is starting a job as an associate consultant at IBM.

Though Ivan Quezada Taveras ‘22 has left Haverford, the connections and education the school provided continue to immensely impact his life. Taveras, who both majored in economics and minored in Africana Studies at Bryn Mawr, has taken a job as an associate consultant at IBM, working at the company’s office in Lower Manhattan.

“As an associate consultant, I am responsible for guiding and helping clients properly transition and adapt to new technologies, market changes, and business procedures,” Taveras explained.

Taveras explained that he was first introduced to the corporate world when he interned at DLL Financial Solutions through the Whitehead Internship Program in summer 2021. The internship allowed him to develop skills in business and consulting markets. Further augmented by economics courses, math courses, and writing courses, Taveras noted that the liberal arts education he received at Haverford kept him well rounded, educated on relevant subjects, and prepared for the workplace.

Taveras was ultimately able to find his position at IBM thanks to a connection with a Haverford alumni, Michael Schwarze ‘18, who brought the position to his attention and provided him with application advice.

Though his studies focused on economics, Taveras noted that his intellectual development occurred across the spectrum of courses offered in the Bi-Co.

“Professor [of Religion and Coordinator of African and Africana Studies] Terrance Wiley, Professor [of Philosophy] Joel Yurdin, and Professor [of Economics] Andrew Nutting are spectacular individuals that helped me become a better person on a personal and intellectual level,” he said.

Similarly, Taveras says that his involvement around campus contributed to his physical and social health, just as important as his academic health.

“While these courses kept me intellectually and mentally healthy, activities such as physical education and my time in the Men’s Rugby Club have also kept me physically healthy as well,” he said. “What’s more, activities such as Dungeons & Dragons and the Chess Club have kept me socially healthy.”

He believes that social health to be critical for any who are interested in pursuing a career in the fields of business and consulting. 

“I would encourage you to empower yourself socially and to speak with as many people as you can. Build friendships, be the first to reach out, and establish yourself in an outgoing yet professional manner. The power of social connectivity and the power of friendship can take you where you want to be,” Taveras said.

In addition to starting his career with a multinational technology corporation, he has also been cultivating his own entrepreneurial project, establishing a clothing line called Ivy De Santi. According to Taveras, Ivy De Santi aims to create a postmodern sense of style and fashion using high quality streetwear.

“I combined my passion and love for fashion and designing with my skills with business and entrepreneurship to undertake this ambitious project,” he said. “Eventually, I want to expand my other passion into entrepreneurial projects that will help me live the life I want.”

“Where They’re Headed” is a blog series chronicling the post-collegiate plans of recent Haverford graduates.