CLUB LIFE: Chess Club Makes Moves

Both new and experienced players are encouraged to try their hand at the age-old game of strategy and perseverance.

WHAT: A timeless game of strategy, chess has been a way for players to engage their minds in both competitive and collaborative settings for centuries. The newly founded Chess Club aims to provide a space for both players new to the game and experienced chessmasters to sharpen their mentality, character, and skill. 

WHO: Started this year by Junior Nguyen ’22 and Robert Duncan ’22, Haverford’s Chess Club is open to all interested members of the Haverford community. “Anyone is allowed to enter chess club,” he said. “I encourage players of all skill levels to stop by, as chess is a game in which you can learn from your mistakes, better yourself in every game, and have a space to get in the zone to focus!”

WHEN: Chess Club meets once or twice weekly, typically on Tuesday or Thursday evenings in the DC Basement. Nguyen sends out a weekly email to more than 80 students on the club email list every Sunday with the meeting times for the upcoming week. He encourages all members of the Haverford community (students, staff, and faculty) to reach out via email to be added to the list!

DID YOU KNOW? The game of chess dates back to nearly 500 C.E., and was first played in India and Persia before spreading to Spain and the rest of southern Europe. The current chess champion is Magnus Carlsen, who has won the world championship 5 times in a row. It has been almost 50 years since an American, Bobby Fischer, has gained the title.

GET INVOLVED: The game of chess often relies on sensing your opponent’s strategy before they move their pieces on the board. “If people are interested in learning how to read minds,” said Nguyen, “come play chess!”


Photo by Junior Nguyen ’22.