CLUB LIFE: Carnivores and Turophiles Unite!

Founded last fall, Charcuterie Union provides tasty sliced delicacies—as well as the history and knowledge that goes into preparing them—to anyone looking to refine their palettes and culinary intellect.

Who: The Charcuterie Union is run by Dylan Silverman ’18, Max Ellis ’18, and Noah Quinn ’18, and is over 50 turophiles strong.

What: Founded last fall, the group partners with local cheesemonger Di Bruno Brothers, located in the Ardmore Farmers Market down the road from campus, to offer a handpicked selection of cheese and cured meats to attendees at their open events roughly once a month. Paired with a great-tasting spread, the meetings educate the community about the process and art of cheesemaking. The group’s goal is to highlight and appreciate the traditions of artisanal cheese-making and meat curing with the greater Haverford community.

When: Charcuterie Union  holds meetings throughout the semester, about once a month.

Did You Know? For each event, Charcuterie Union consults with their resident “Certified Cheese Professional” (CCP) from Di Bruno Bros., Tommy Amorim. As a CCP, Amorim is an expert in all things cheese and helps the club select the most interesting products to share with the Haverford community. The members spend time with Amorim before each meeting to learn everything they can about the cheeses and meats they are serving. From the altitude at which the cows graze to the specific bacteria used to curdle the milk, no detail is too small to share. Amorim is an invaluable part of the organization, and his knowledge helps group members share the story, from farm to table, of each product with Haverford students.

Get Involved: Events are open to everyone, so keep an eye out for events on social media and flyers around campus. No need to RSVP or sign up, just come to learn about (and eat) some amazing food.

Upcoming: The club’s next “meating” will be on Wednesday, April 4. 

Photos by Justin Brendel ’18.