Decorating Made Delicious

On Friday evening Fords Against Boredom hosted their inaugural cookie-decorating event of the year in the CPGC Cafe.

On Friday evening students gathered in the Center for Peace and Global Citizenship (CPGC) Cafe and satisfied both artistic whims and sweet-tooth cravings by decorating cookies with colored frosting and candy. The event was hosted by Fords Against Boredom (a.k.a., FAB), a student-run organization that hosts free, non-alcoholic events on campus and around the Philadelphia area.



FAB coordinated Friday’s delicious decorating party with “Screw Date,” an annual blind date set-up for first-years arranged by Customs people. “The best thing about these event being [held together] is that the people who come really get a chance to talk to their date and to other people as well,” said Vivian Sun ’17.

-Marcelo Jauregui-Volpe ’18


Photos by Rae Yuan ’19