Class-Created Student Exhibitions in Magill

Three Exhibitions: With and without Margaret Ralston Gest, a collection of three pop-up exhibits created by students enrolled in Visiting Assistant Professor John Muse’s course on “The Theory and practice of Exhibitions,” opened Friday night in Magill Library.

Three Exhibitions: With and Without Margaret Ralston Gest in Magill Library.Note: Image not to be reproduced without photographer credit.

Walk around Magill and you might notice certain pop-up exhibits installed in various locations in the library. They are part of Three Exhibitions: With and without Margaret Ralston Gest, which opened Friday, Nov. 14. The three pop-up exhibits were created by students enrolled in the “Theory and Practice of Exhibitions: Objects, Images, Texts, Events” course being taught by Visiting Assistant Professor of Independent College Programs John Muse.

The exhibits, including Veins, which was curated by Alina Van Ryzin BMC ’17 and Courtney Carter ’17, were designed using paintings by Margaret Ralston Gest (1900-65), who was an artist and benefactor of the College. Many of her works are part of Haverford’s Special Collections.


As part of Muse’s course students also work on projects in collaboration with senior fine arts majors, sculpture students, Coordinator for Digital Scholarship and Services Laurie Allen and Postdoctoral Writing Fellow Paul Farber, among others.


-Hina Fathima ’15

Photos by Brad Larrison.