COOL CLASSES: “Machine Learning”

This computer science course explores both classical and modern approaches to machine learning, with an emphasis on theoretical understanding.

Class name: Machine Learning

Taught by: Assistant Professor of Computer Science Sara Mathieson


Here’s what Mathieson has to say about her course:

This class is about understanding how computers learn from data to create systems that can automatically predict or generate the future based on the past. I hope that by the end of the course, students are able to complete an entire machine learning pipeline: data featurization, algorithm selection and development, evaluation metrics, and interpretation of results. Along the way students will get the chance to think about the ethical and societal implications of deploying machine learning algorithms.

We interact with machine learning algorithms every day, so it is an exciting time to be teaching this course. My hope is that the students in this class will go on to join the broader field of machine learning in industry and academia. We need more people who are thinking critically about how to further develop and make use of these powerful methods.


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Photo by Ruiming Li ’22.