COOL CLASSES: “Relief Printmaking”

This fine arts course covers techniques and approaches to the art of the woodcut and the linocut, emphasizing the study of design principles and the expressive potential of the medium to create a personal visual statement.

Class name: Relief Printmaking
Taught by: Professor of Fine Arts Hee Sook Kim


Here’s what Kim has to say about his course:

This introductory seven-week course covers black-and-white and color woodcut using innovative laser-cutter methods including cutting, proofing, rolling-up, color preparation, and registration. Students study techniques and concepts in relief medium, as well as visual expressions, through hands-on experiences. Visual problems, composition, color values and separation, and successful solutions of concepts and ideas are explored. Students are encouraged to express personal visual statements during the course as well as to study professional artists’ works. Individual discussions and group critiques are held for aesthetic explorations and visually successful solutions. Additional drawings are requested.

I designed this course to use innovative technologies, such as laser cutting, in conventional woodcut that has a long history in visual arts, especially printmaking. I think that this reversal technology of imaging digitally and printing by hand could be challenging for our students of digital era.


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Photos by Holden Blanco ’17.