CLUB LIFE: Badminton Club Keeps Up A Volley

Badminton Club offers an easy entry point for students looking to learn everyone’s favorite feathered-projectile racket sport.

WHAT: A few rackets, some shuttlecocks, and a sampling of interested players—that’s all it takes to start a rousing game of badminton. Luckily, Badminton Club has all of the above. From seasoned players seeking to hone their competitive edge to newcomers taking a first stab at the backyard sport, the club has a spot on the court for anyone.

WHO: Led by captains Marisa LaBarca ’21, Benjamin Kwon ’21, Felix Qin ’22, and Ruiming Li ’22, the club is open to individuals seeking to fulfill a PE credit or just have a good time. “We welcome anyone who’s interested in badminton, even if they have no previous experience,” says Qin. “Though we have players of different levels, most of our players are beginners.”

WHEN: “We meet every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 8-10 p.m. in the back section of the basketball court, behind the big curtain, in the GIAC,” says Qin. If you miss a practice or simply have a hankering for more badminton, the club holds an additional open gym on Saturdays. With the club providing all the equipment, you don’t need to do anything except show up.

DID YOU KNOW: While most badminton equipment is now made mostly from plastic, traditionallyshuttlecocks were made using feathers from the left wings of geese while the racket strings used to be made out of the dried stomach linings of various animals.

GET INVOLVED: Whether you’re looking to engage in friendly competitions with other local club teams or just have a casual volley with a friend, Badminton Club encourages you to come on out. “It’s an awesome team with very friendly people,” says Qin. “More people should join!”


Photos by Claire Chenyu Wang ’20.