COOL CLASSES: “Medical Anthropology”

This introductory anthropology course explores medical systems, health, and healing in a cross-cultural perspective using ethnographic studies and cross-comparative analyses.

Class name: “Medical Anthropology”

Taught by: Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology Patricia Kelly


Here’s what Kelly had to say about her class:

In this course we study medical systems, health, and healing in a cross-cultural perspective. My hope is that students learn to read deeply, think critically, and write ethnographically about the diversity of human experience with respect to sickness and health—and that, just maybe, their interest will be piqued enough to further explore anthropology and health studies here at Haverford.

As a cultural anthropologist, I have done extensive research on public health and public policy, specifically on STIs and regulated commercial sex in Mexico, as well as immigrant health and disability at the Mexico-Guatemala border. I am excited to share with students the multiple ways we can examine and analyze models of health and healing as cultural systems, and also explore, from a social justice perspective, the importance of access to health care for all people across the globe.



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