CLUB LIFE: Aiming for the Bullseye

Archery Club, founded in the fall by two sophomores, gives any interested students a weekly chance to better their bow-and-arrow skills.

What: Archery Club, founded last fall, offers students a chance to practice archery in a safe and relaxed environment at Middletown Archery Club in nearby Media, Pa. (It’s about 12 miles from campus.) Middletown has friendly, approachable coaches who can set up beginners and give more experienced archers tips for improvement.

Who: Katharine Bancroft ’20 and Oliver Hughes ’20 are the club’s co-founders and co-heads. Hughes, who led his high school’s archery club, brought his interest with him to Haverford. Bancroft, who had no prior archery experience but wanted to try a sport with an emphasis on self-improvement rather than winning, joined Hughes to start the club. Usually, six to eight students, including Bancroft and Hughes, attend every weekend.

When: The club meets on Saturdays most weeks throughout the semester.

Did You Know: In addition to improving balance and coordination, archery boosts your mental focus and can improve your ability to do schoolwork.

Get Involved: Anyone is free to join. No experience is required—almost everyone started out as a beginner. Cars are provided and all costs are covered by the club to make it accessible for as many people as possible. Email either or to join the mailing list! Each week is first-come-first-serve, as a maximum of eight people can participate per week.

Photos by Dex Coen Gilbert ’21.