Surest Sign of Spring: Pinwheel Day

As recent tradition dictates, campus celebrated the first truly spring-like day of the year with pinwheels that mysteriously appeared on Founders Green overnight.

Where do the mysterious pinwheels come from every year? Who puts them out on Founders Green in the dead of night before the first warm, spring-like day of the season? And who started this beloved campus tradition? We may never know. But we do know that there is little that is better than walking towards Founders Hall on a sunny spring morning to find the lawn festooned with colorful, spinning pinwheels. It means spring has sprung on Haverford’s campus.

Yesterday’s Pinwheel Day was especially welcome because¬†spring seemed particularly¬†far away just weeks ago when, on March 14, the winter’s worst storm dumped ice and snow on campus. But, of course, spring did come, and less than a month after that snowstorm, Fords and their neighbors were wearing shorts and sundresses, frolicking on Founders Green, enjoying the copious sunshine and pinwheels.

Our photographers captured the joy of Pinwheel Day 2017 in pictures:


Photos by Victoria Merino ’20, Caleb Eckert ’17, and Patrick Montero