Love Shack, Baby

Fords Against Boredom’s annual Valentine’s Day-adjacent edible-house-decorating competition attracted lots of creative contestants.

Fords Against Boredom (FAB) was feeling the love last Friday at Love Shack, a cookie-house-building competition, when over 30 Fords let their delicious architecture and design skills shine.

Attendees had their confectionary creations put to the test in three different categories: Most Structurally Sound, Most Haverfordian, and Most Romantic. Though the winners of each category, respectively, were Alex Stern ’20, Shewit Zerai ’18, and Sam Epstein ’19 (their creations in the gallery below are noted), everyone who participated in this scrumptious competition was a champion. And FAB did what it does best: give students an easy outlet for relaxation and fun.

-Michael Weber ’19

Photos by Lily Xu ’19