Cookie Decorating With New Friends?

Making a mess with delicious desserts is one way to take the pressure off the blind dates set up during Fords Against Boredom’s annual “Screw Date” event.

Each Fall, Fords Against Boredom (FAB) hosts “Screw Date,” an event in which game first-years (and some upperclassmen) are anonymously matched up with people outside of their Customs Group in a take on the widespread “screw your roommate” blind-date events held elsewhere.

While many set-up couples elect to go to dinner in nearby Ardmore, often with groups of friends, FAB also hosts a cookie decorating event in the Coop as a free, low-stress, on-campus alternative for the new pairs. After all, making a mess with delicious desserts is an easy way to quickly get acquainted with someone completely new. See a video by Lily Xu ’19 about the event below the gallery:


Photos by Lily Xu ’19 and Cole Sansom ’19