Friend In Residence Brings #SayHerName to Haverford

Dr. Amanda Kemp spent a week on campus this fall, culminating in a performance.

After a week on campus that included leading an interactive workshop called “Engaging Race Questions: Preparing for the White Privilege Conference” and giving a public talk on “Making the Invisible Visible: Working as an Artist, Change Maker, and Intellectual,” Friend in Residence Dr. Amanda Kemp presented her multi-media performance, #SayHerName: Celebrating Black Women in Resistance, on Saturday night. The piece, which was scored by live violinist Michael Jamanis, celebrates black women, who, in Dr. Kemp’s words, have resisted slavery, Jim Crow, and our criminal injustice system. (It takes its name from the hashtag that was created to call attention to police violence against black women.)

In addition to workshops, talks, and performances. Dr. Kemp visited various Tri-Co classrooms and professors during her week on campus. She will return to Haverford in the spring for two additional weeklong residencies:  Sunday, March 13, through Sunday March 20, and Sunday, March 27, through Sunday, April 3. At that time she will give another performance, Inspira: The Power of the Spiritual, which includes improvisational West African and jazz-inspired spirituals.


Check out Dr. Kemp’s website for additional information.

-Jenny Ahn ’17

Photos by Caleb Eckert ’17