Commencement 2015

A live feed of tweets from Commencement 2015.

Please join us in congratulating the members of the Class of 2015 on their graduation. Follow along with their Commencement ceremony in real time as we post live updates from our Twitter account (@haverfordedu).
Live posts will begin around 10 a.m.

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  1. A beautiful day @haverfordedu! Where did the four years go!?!?

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  2. Congrats this year’s @haverfordedu grads!!! #2015

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  3. Now for a lunch in the Field House (to avoid impending rain). Congratulation to the . Thanks for following along with us.

  4. And the caps are in the air!

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  5. And the last name of the 298 members of the is called: Ting Zhuo. Congratulations graduates!

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  6. Provost & future Pres Kim Benston is now presenting the for their degrees. Emeritus Prof Bruce Partridge announces the names.

  7. I was delighted to hear that one of my heroes, Bryan Stevenson, was being honored today @haverfordedu 

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  8. Stevenson: do some things that are uncomfortable. Change comes from discomfort. The opposite of poverty isn’t wealth it’s justice.

  9. Stevenson: change the narrative. Protect your hope. Hopelessness is the enemy of justice.

  10. Stevenson: get proximate to the places in the world where there’s suffering and inequality.

  11. Stevenson: I want you to change the world. It sounds like a lot but you can do it.

  12. Thanks @haverfordedu for welcoming neighbors even amidst Commencement today! Excitement of new beginnings in the air

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  13. Stephen McGovern presents the honorary degree to Bryan A Stevenson for his civil rights work with the Equal Justice Initiative.

  14. At Project HOME they say “none of us are home until all of us are home.”

  15. Scullion urges the graduates to eschew materialism and to use their gifts to bring justice and dignity for all.

  16. Scullion: Haverford offered you an education of the whole person… And our wholeness is found in community with one another.

  17. Assoc Provost Fran Blase presents the honorary degree to Sister Mary Scullion for her work with the homeless.

  18. “Find meaning and drive in all you do”

  19. “Remember you have a tool box- use it effectively. Value & nurture the relationships you made here.”

  20. So very proud of our graduating seniors! It takes a special group to win two titles & compete in four playoffs & two NCAA regionals.

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  21. Gcabashe: significant achievements are seldom achieved by 1 person.

  22. “Our own achievements are built on the accumulation of others kindnesses” @haverfordedu

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  23. So proud of my daughter Brie Groh @5SunnyDays Thank you Haverford for keeping her safe and providing a great place to learn!

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  24. Board Member Elizabeth Enloe presents Thandeka Luthuli Gcabashe with her honorary degree for her work ending apartheid.

  25. Weiss reminds everyone “without help none of us would be here” & urges everyone to (in words of RFK) repay the debt in the coin it was given.

  26. Pres. Weiss announces retirements of staff and faculty & new Chase-Parker Teaching Prize, which is awarded to Andrew Friedman.

  27. (2of 2): but upward to the Great Society.

  28. .@BrynMawrCollege Pres Cassidy quotes Pres Johnson: we have the opportunity to move not only toward the rich society & the powerful society

  29. Doshi talks not of accomplishment today but of kindness, one of the most important lessons she learned here.

  30. Doshi: my experience at H’ford has been shaped and brightened by our staff and faculty… Let’s be inspired by the members of our community.

  31. Doshi says that a staff member who helped her find her admission tour promised to take care of her. Staff made good on that promise since.

  32. Seema Doshi ’15 is the class speaker. She talks about the surprises (including natural disasters) of the ‘s time on campus.

  33. “Going through our Haverford ethos these past four years… has prepared you for your liberal arts learning K through 90.”

  34. Gangadean doesn’t wonder if the grads are ready for the world but if the world is ready for them.

  35. Prof Ashok Gangadean talks about sustaining “life in the zone” and living an “awakened mindful life.”

  36. President Dan Weiss welcomes everyone to the exercises of the College’s 181st year.

  37. There’s the bell. And here comes the procession.

  38. Excited for the graduates to fill in @haverfordedu

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  39. Congrats to everybody in the @haverfordedu community graduating today in the class of 2015! Welcome, now, to the alumni family of Fords!

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  40. i love you haverford, college has changed my life xo

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  41. A sneak peak at some creatively decorated mortar boards. 

  42. Everyone’s almost all assembled. At 10 Founders Bell will ring and the procession to the Green will commence.

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  43. The and faculty are gathering in the old gym in their regalia. It’s a swarm of black robes.

  44. A sneak peek at the program. Inside are the thesis titles and awards of the .

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  45. These seats will be filled with the & their supporters shortly. Happy Day! 

  46. Congratulations to the Class of 2015 at @haverfordedu

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  47. Commencement is still being held outside on the green. But due to possible rain, lunch has been moved inside to the Field House.