Movie People II: Luke Wilson

Come now more folks from Hollywood, this time scouting locations. Writer/Director Mike Million is looking for a college campus on which to shoot scenes for his film ‘Tenure’ which stars Luke Wilson as a prof who’s trying to lock in a slot at Hypothetical Miniversity.
Mike and his guys — who, I must say, could not have been more polite and un-Hollywood — dropped by Monday and snapped endless photos as I showed them around. Many spots got a polite “nice” (= yawn) while others prompted whispers, which I took to be a sign of interest. They seemed to love the Phillips Wing and Aryeh Kosman’s office; they seemed to love Aryeh (who doesn’t).

“Central casting? Get me a philosopher!”

Mike says it’d be a 10-day shoot in March and the College would not be identified; a proposal (including script) to come.
Not sure whether their project is a good fit for us: in my experience as an extra (yep, that’s me in line at a restaurant in the 1987 classic ‘Mannequin’ starring Andrew McCarthy) moviemaking is a high-impact process that can be pretty disruptive. Fun to watch the sausage getting made, though.