Movie People I: Russell Crowe

Betcha didn’t know that actors Russell Crowe (above) and Ben Affleck were Fords, didja? Well…they aren’t! But it looks like they are going to play Fords on the big screen.
They’ve both been signed to star in “State of Play”, director Kevin Macdonald’s (“The Last King of Scotland”) tale of a muckraking DC journalist (Crowe) who takes on evil powerbrokers. Affleck plays a pol.
The production company has been ordering HC swag from the bookstore that’ll be used to dress up Crowe’s “apartment”, and just last week the guys on the cricket team posed for a shot that presumably will have Crowe (whose character played the game while a student here) photoshopped into place.
All that said, let’s see what happens — had I written this post last fall, you’d have seen a photo of Brad Pitt up top of this entry.
Last fictional filmic Ford I can recall was Twin Peaks’ Agent Dale Cooper.