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Ben Bergerson is pictured in a portrait captured on Haverford's campus. We wears a light-colored collared shirt and stands against a blurry background.

What They Learned: Ben Bergerson ’24

Dominic MercierJul 10, 20243 min read
For his thesis, the physics major turned to machine learning and neural networks to classify more than 30,000 spiral galaxies in the universe.

What They Learned: Shahla Mukhtar ’24

Mukhtar’s thesis explores the production of type II polyketides, diverse and chemically active natural products that hold promise as anticancer and antibacterial agents.

What They Learned: Clay Killoren ’24

For his thesis, Killoren chose to focus on affordable housing in San Francisco, one of the nation’s most expensive real estate markets.

Club Life: The Haverford Ornithological Club

While birdwatching is the club’s core activity, with weekly walks around campus, members also delve into bird biology, photography, ethics, conservation, and more.

What They Learned: Maya Antonio ’24

For her thesis, Antonio examined bilingual community education centers, where teaching and learning transcend the traditional classroom space.

What They Learned: Jian Wei ’24

Wei’s thesis examines the destruction and rebirth of Los Angeles’ Chinatown and the vision and agency of second-generation Chinese American civic leaders and architects who realized it.

What They Learned: Charlie Crawford ’24

Crawford’s interest in machine bias and the ethical use of AI led to a thesis that explores the impact of technologies like ChatGPT on the entertainment industry.

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