Pinwheel Day Heralds Spring’s Arrival

Colorful pinwheels spinning in the morning light April 9 marked the return of a beloved annual tradition.

After kicking off spring with seemingly endless rain, a 4.8 magnitude earthquake that rattled the College’s walls and windows, and a stunning solar eclipse, Mother Nature gifted Haverford’s community with a picture-perfect Pinwheel Day on Tuesday, April 9. 

With bright, sunny skies and temperatures expected to push 80 degrees, the campus awoke to Founders Green adorned with scores of colorful pinwheels spinning lazily in the morning breeze. By the early afternoon, Founders Green was packed with an abundance of students, staff, and faculty eager to soak in 2024’s first glorious spring day. A patchwork of comfy blankets materialized, frisbees and footballs were tossed, picnics were shared, and tunes from Bluetooth speakers competed with springtime birdsong. 

Pinwheel Day has been an annual tradition for more than 20 years, though its origin remains shrouded in mystery. Every year, questions abound. Where do the pinwheels come from? Who is dedicated enough to rise from a perfectly comfortable bed to place them on Founders Green in the small hours? While we may never uncover Pinwheel Day’s entire origin story, one thing is true: Spring is now in full swing at Haverford.

Pinwheel Day 2024 photos were captured by Patrick Montero and Paola Nogueras.