Where They’re Headed: Lili May Muntean ’23

Muntean majored in psychology and minored in visual studies. She now pursues a J.D. at the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School.

The career aspirations of Lili May Muntean ’23 are anchored in international business law, a field where she is able to leverage her multinational and bilingual identity as a child of a French immigrant. French classes at Haverford honed her language skills to a professional level, equipping her to navigate the complexities of international legal practice.

During her time at Haverford, Muntean’s visual studies courses stood out. “I recommend that every Haverford student try at least one course in the department,” she says. “Blending topics such as conceptual art, performance art, painting, ethics, visual culture, and so many more than I can list here with my more typical STEM coursework broadened my perspective and excited my creative side.” 

In psychology, courses such as “Origins of Morality” and “Narrative Identity” allowed her to critically analyze the social codes that govern our world and explore the profound influence of storytelling on personal conceptions of selfhood.

When asked about her extracurricular activities, Muntean mentioned that her work-study job as a student assistant in the Office of the President equipped her with essential professional skills and fostered discipline and planning abilities. She also noted that engaging with the Best Buddies Club “helped grow my perspective on accessibility and inclusion and fostered some lifelong friendships both inside and outside of the Haverford community.” During her senior year, she served as a co-secretary of the Honor Council, which provided practical lessons in leadership and teamwork and immersed her in restorative justice frameworks.

In the coming years, Muntean anticipates earning her law degree and embarking on a fulfilling legal career. Alongside her legal pursuits, she intends to stay connected to the liberal arts side of her education, remaining engaged with the arts, staying updated on scientific advancements, and actively participating in the highly educated, respectful discourse that defines Haverford’s community.

Muntean wishes that as her fellow graduates go off to our various successful careers and lives, they remain “curious and kind, holding on to the values of trust, concern, and respect that have shaped our lives over the past four years.”

“Where They’re Headed” is a blog series chronicling the post-collegiate plans of recent Haverford graduates.