Where They’re Headed: Filip Kesicki ’23

The economics major and Spanish minor joined Bain & Company as a management consultant this fall.

Filip Kesicki ’23, an economics major who minored in Spanish, is starting a career in management consulting with Bain & Company in Houston, Texas, where he previously interned last summer.

During his time at Haverford, Kesicki explored different career paths. He came to Haverford to study physics or geology, thinking he would become an environmental engineer, but quickly discovered new interests.

“The required liberal arts curriculum opened my mind to different experiences and career paths, bringing me to the realization that I wanted to find an industry that was skill- and problem-solving-focused while being dynamic and ever-changing,” says Kesicki. “Ultimately, that led me to discover consulting.”

Kesicki adds that one of the most valuable pieces of advice he received early in his Haverford experience was to take one course during the first semester of freshman year that you wouldn’t typically take or need for your major. Armed with this advice, he enrolled in an economics course that ultimately catalyzed his shift in major.

Other courses that made an impact on Kesicki were “Multilingualism Writing Seminar” with Visiting Lecturer Katherine Tomaskovic, Spanish courses taught by Assistant Professor Luis Rodriguez-Rincon, and “Corporate Finance” with Assistant Professor Shannon Mudd. Outside of his studies at Haverford, Kesicki was a teaching assistant for Professor Richard Ball in the Department of Economics and worked an on-campus job at the library cafe.

As an international student, Kesicki is grateful for the support given to him by Haverford’s accessible community. He recalls alumni offering career advice and facilitating connections, Dean Kelly Wilcox serving as a sounding board for his thoughts and ideas, and Assistant Dean for International Student Support Natasha Weisz assisting with visas and making the international experience as seamless as possible.

While at Haverford, Kesicki sought opportunities to ensure other international students had the same great experience as him by working with the Office of International Student Support. “My greatest accomplishment in the office was developing a career panel series specifically for international students. I also organized community-wide events,” says Kesicki.

Preparing to enter his full-time position, Kesicki is excited for the opportunity to grow his career. In the coming years, he plans to continue learning and apply to MBA programs.

“Where They’re Headed” is a blog series chronicling the post-collegiate plans of recent Haverford graduates.