Where They’re Headed: Olivia Ahart ’23

The psychology major and neuroscience minor now works as a Research Assistant at the University of Pennsylvania. She is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Bioethics (MBE), with plans to attend medical school.

Throughout her time at Haverford, Ahart found the psychology and neuroscience courses particularly interesting, offering a blend of scientific understanding and behavioral analysis. While “Cultural Psychology” and “Practical Anatomy” stand out as top contenders among her favorite courses, the liberal arts program at Haverford encouraged her to explore many different introductory courses across various disciplines. “This enabled me to discover my true interests,” says Ahart.

In shaping her post-graduation plans, Ahart found support and mentorship from her major advisor, Rebecca Compton. “I gained invaluable knowledge from her, ranging from the fundamentals of research project development to selecting the most relevant courses and receiving insightful post-graduate guidance. Becky pushed me to excel as both a student and an individual, and her mentorship was truly remarkable. I will always cherish her guidance and remain deeply grateful for her impact on my life.”

Beyond academics, Ahart says that her experience as a member of the field hockey team proved to be exceptional and transformative. The close-knit team provided comfort and camaraderie as she navigated through college life. The valuable insights and advice from her teammates, including recommendations on courses and connecting with professors and alumni, left a lasting impact on her personal and professional growth.

Looking ahead, Ahart recognizes that graduating from medical school will be a significant milestone. “I know it will demand unwavering commitment and diligence. However, in the end, I know I will be forever grateful that I chose this path.”

As Ahart’s fellow graduates embark on their own journeys, she hopes they will carry forward the profound sense of family that Haverford instilled in them. “I wish them success and happiness, and I hope to see them at reunions in the future!”

“Where They’re Headed” is a blog series chronicling the post-collegiate plans of recent Haverford graduates.