Where They’re Headed: Celia Page ‘23

The economics major now works as a markets analyst at JPMorgan Chase.

Page’s journey with economics began with “Introduction to Economics” during her first semester, which became her favorite class and laid the foundation for her passion for the subject. Throughout her time at Haverford, she explored various economics courses, and the analytical skills learned in her macroeconomics course specifically now play a crucial role in her market-driven position, enabling her to navigate the impact of current events on the stock market.

Page’s other standout courses include “Behavioral Economics,” taught by Professor Dave Owens, and “Sports as an Economics Laboratory,” taught by Professor Anne Preston. These courses allowed her to explore the intersections of economics with other fields that piqued her interest.

Page’s extracurricular experiences at Haverford played a significant role in shaping her future goals. As a student-athlete on the Varsity Women’s Soccer Team, she thrived in a fast-paced environment and developed valuable teamwork skills that translate well into her current role. Her involvement as an Admission Office Fellow, a member of the Student Athletic Advisory Committee, and an Economics Teaching Assistant further nurtured her collaborative and team-oriented nature. “I knew that following my graduation from Haverford, I wanted to pursue a role that emphasized collaboration and teamwork,” she says. “And my position at JPMorgan provides me with this opportunity.”

Looking ahead, Page recognizes the immense opportunities for growth and learning from her peers, mentors, and senior leaders in the fast-paced world of finance.

As she embraces her new adventure, Page shares her hopes and aspirations for her fellow graduates, “I hope that all my fellow graduates will excel in their new adventures and will continue to learn and grow as well. In addition, I hope my fellow graduates will continue to embody the Haverford ethos of trust, concern, and respect.”

“Where They’re Headed” is a blog series chronicling the post-collegiate plans of recent Haverford graduates.