Pinwheel Day 2023

Every year, the Haverford community welcomes the arrival of spring with Pinwheel Day.

A beloved campus tradition for more than two decades, students, staff, and faculty wake to find Founders Green covered with colorful pinwheels to mark the first warm day of spring. Like so much at Haverford, it’s a student-owned activity, and only the Pinwheel Fairies – whoever they may be — know when the magic day will come; the rest of us watch the weather forecast in anticipation.

Despite the secrecy surrounding Pinwheel Day, the excitement it brings to campus is plain to see. Thursday, April 13, was warm and sunny – perfect Pinwheel Day conditions – and the Fairies seized the moment to do their work, prompting a day of outdoor activities that included lounging, sunbathing, tossing Frisbees, dancing – even studying.

With the arrival of Pinwheel Day, spring has truly sprung at Haverford! Check out the photos below.