Bringing Students up to “Havercode”

The Havercode club provides academic and pre-professional support to computer science students.

Calling all computer science students! If you like hacking computers, building websites, or learning new languages, then Havercode is just for you. 

Founded in Fall 2019 by Hannah Beilinson ‘20 and Silvia Susai ‘20, Havercode provides computer science majors with academic and pre-professional support and connects students to a community of others with similar interests and ambitions. Having this resource has been essential to students navigating a challenging field of study. 

“Things change quickly in Computer Science, so there are lots of challenges the department and students are facing in terms of setting major requirements, designing classes, and getting internships,” the club said. “As we’ve been collaborating with the department, we communicate with faculty regarding students’ comments and suggestions, and initiate activities such as resume workshops, interview workshops, and research panels so that students could help each other and grow as a community.”

The club is currently led by Wahub Ahmed ’25 and Trinity Kleckner ’24. In addition to meeting during the semester to discuss plans and share resources with one another, Havercode also hosts events for the greater Haverford community. 

Those events include “technical interview and web development workshops, fireside chats where students can get to know professors in a fun and informal setting, and hackathons where students innovate solutions to social issues.” Havercode has also hosted panel discussions on how to prepare for internship and research opportunities, and pre-registration workshops where students can get advice on what computer science classes they can take the following semester.

To learn more about the club, visit the Havercode Instagram page @havercode, or reach out to the club co-heads via email ( or Engage to be added to the Slack group. Students can also join a Havercode Alumni Network group on LinkedIn.

Why should you join Havercode? “In our club, we will guide you through being a computer science major at Haverford and Bryn Mawr, help you with the internship and graduate school process, and expose you to other facets of the CS field not covered by the department,” the club said. “Additionally, we are run by a successful and motivated group of students who want to see everyone in the club achieve their goals.”