CLUB LIFE: Tri-Co Law Review

A new incarnation and expansion of the former Haverford Law Review, the The Tri-Co Law Review aims to publish law-related articles by writers from all three campuses.

The Tri-Co Law Review, originally founded as the Haverford Law Review in 2016, has been restarted by four Tri-Co students, including one Haverford student, Sophie Chochaeva ’22. They hope to print one physical law review per semester and have spent this fall trying to spread their name around the Tri-Co. “Restarting a club is really tough, but it’s been super encouraging how many people we have on the team and how many people we have coming to meetings,” says Charlie Marshall ’25, the club’s social media head.

The Law Review, Marshall says, really lives up to its Tri-Co name by having three leaders, one on each campus. “And the rest of the roles are split between the three campuses. [The club] really involves each campus equally.”

As an undergraduate law review, the editors publish anything that is related to the law. “[You don’t have to necessarily] write a review of an event or a review of case law or a certain case,” Marshall explains. “We’re looking for articles that have some bearing on the law and anything that’s in some way pertinent to law and its development.” The Tri-Co Law Review’s aim, he says, is to give “people a chance to write something that they think is interesting and related to the law.”

The club meets every Tuesday from 7 to 8pm on Zoom. During meetings, members check in on progress and coordinate outreach across campuses. Currently they are busy editing, revising, and designing their first publication of the year, which is set to be released near the end of the semester. 

The Tri-Co Law Review typically accepts articles that run between five and 15 pages. The next deadline for submissions will be near the end of February 2023.

If you’re interested in joining the club, email