Haverford Fishing Club Will Reel You In

The new club provides students of all skill levels with an opportunity to hit the open water, catch fish, and learn about underwater environments.

“Every lake, pond, and ocean has a whole world going on under the surface that most people never see,” said Brendan Holleck ’25, who searched for a way to share his passion for fishing with the rest of the Haverford community. After finding no such outlet, he teamed up with his friend and fellow fisherman Owen Cross ’25, and together they created the Haverford Fishing Club this semester.

The club aims to introduce students to fishing as a new way to appreciate and connect with nature. As a brand new club, event planning is still underway, but Holleck encourages students to be on the lookout for some fun opportunities. “Our club meetings will have teaching elements, as well as room for experienced anglers!” said Holleck. “We plan on trips to local creeks and rivers, and occasionally larger scale trips to sizable bodies of water.”

Haverford Fishing Club offers a recreational activity as well as an opportunity to learn about marine biology and freshwater environments. “We incentivize interaction in our local waterways and hopefully inspire extra thought about how we treat them,” said Holleck. “We are in contact with some environmental professors and plan on taking and sharing data about the fish we catch with them for deeper analysis. We’ll also involve fish-identification learning.”

Why should you be interested in fishing? You’d be in good company. “Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s favorite way to relax is fishing!” explained Holleck. “He owns a pond full of fish he’s raised himself and hires biologists to create a thriving ecosystem for them to live in!” With the expertise and resources that Haverford Fishing Club offers, you too might one day be like The Rock. Students interested in the club can join via Haverford Engage, or by emailing Holleck at bholleck@haverford.edu. You can also follow the club on Instagram @haverfordfishing

“Every beach, ocean, lake, and pond is so much more than just a place to swim in! Fish are beautiful and powerful animals, and it is an amazing feeling to feel the tug at the other end of the line, and never quite know what you are going to catch. Fishing is a great way to get out into nature and really interact with it! If you’ve never held a live fish before, we can guarantee you that we will fix that problem!”