Where They’re Headed: Benjamin Goldman ’21

The computer science major is working as a software engineer at Facebook.

Jumping from coding in the KINSC to coding for Facebook takes some getting used to, but Benjamin Goldman ’21 is ready for the challenge. The computer science major from Pelham, NY, started work as a software engineer at the company in September. 

He became interested in working at the company after meeting with a Facebook recruiter at Tri-Co Tech Week.

“When they presented, it seemed like not only a place where I could improve my technical abilities but also somewhere my code could impact a lot of people,” said Goldman.

 He is especially interested in joining the team that creates algorithms to combat fake news on Facebook’s platform or the team that works on security within the application. 

Because Facebook is such a large company—it has over 60,000 employees—they have the people and resources to help their new hires adjust, including assigning each new employee a mentor. While Goldman is excited to learn a lot in his new job, he also feels well prepared to take on the work.

“If I could give any advice to computer science majors, it would be that you are more qualified than you think you are,” he said. “I know for me, at least sometimes, these bigger name companies seem a bit scary, and I thought I was underqualified, but the classes at school really prepare you better than you think.”

In particular, he said that “Introductions to Data Structures” with Associate Professor John Dougherty and “Analysis of Algorithms” with Associate Professor Sorelle Friedler gave him technical tools to succeed in the interview process. Goldman recommends that other students do practice questions in preparation for the technical interviews, as well.

“Where They’re Headed” is a blog series chronicling the post-collegiate plans of recent Haverford graduates.