Where They’re Headed: Kaito Nakatani ’21

The computer science and mathematics double major is taking his analytical skills to B2C2 in Japan, where he will work as a quant trader.

Returning to his home country, Kaito Nakatani ‘21 is working as a quant trader for B2C2, a financial services firm in Tokyo, Japan. Quant traders are financial traders that use quantitative analysis and algorithms to develop trading strategies. 

The Nagoya native discovered the opportunity on LinkedIn while searching for quant trader positions. Although he doesn’t have a degree in economics or experience in finance, the computer science and mathematics double major was interested in the position for a few reasons. 

“The quant trader position suited me perfectly because I’d be able to use my quantitative skills and I’d have to make many decisions that would directly affect the performance,” he said. “I’m also very competitive and love to play around with numbers. Another reason was the culture of B2C2. The company was founded about five years ago and has a very flexible and flat culture like a startup—and not like a traditional big finance firm. I also liked the CEO of the company, whom I talked to during the interview process, and wanted to work with him and learn from him.”

Nakatani’s academic skills will come in handy in his day-to-day work. “As a quant trader, I will be expected to analyze and model market data or write an algorithm for trading,” he said. Nakatani wrote two senior theses about game theory, which will help him understand the strategies involved in investment and cryptocurrency.

Mostly, he is excited that his first post-college job will provide a path for him to continue learning. Not only will he learn about a new field, but he will also get to contribute to the culture of a relatively new company. “One thing that I’m really excited to gain at B2C2 is how to take ownership,” said Nakatani. “B2C2 is a growing firm with a startup-like mindset. I will be expected to play an interdisciplinary role as well as my role as a quant trader and have an idea about how to develop the firm.”

Nakatani offered advice to future generations of seniors who will have to endure a nerve-racking final semester. 

“Job searching is very stressful when you have to write your senior thesis and play a crucial role in your extracurricular activities,” he said. “If you’re struggling, always reach out to alums, friends, or professors! In my case, there were many alums who were happy to talk to me. The Haverford alum network is very tight, so they will surely help you out!”

“Where They’re Headed” is a blog series reporting on the post-collegiate plans of recent Haverford graduates.