WHERE THEY’RE HEADED: Brandon Jenkins ’20

The economics and mathematics double major is now working in Los Angeles for Rothschild & Co. in mergers and acquisitions.

Brandon Jenkins, originally from Monrovia, Calif., has returned to his home state as he begins his investment banking career. He secured an investment banking analyst position in mergers and acquisitions at Rothschild & Co. in Los Angeles, working on accounts for companies in the technology, consumer, and business service industries. 

“My day-to-day work mostly involves financial analysis, creating presentations, and drafting marketing materials,” he said.

Jenkins was inspired in part by his parents to pursue this career path. “My mother works in finance and my father runs a small business, so I’ve always envisioned working in a setting where those two perspectives combine,” he said. His professional development has also always been a priority. “Working in investment banking hones a large slate of skills, and I wanted to diversify my skill set early,” he said. “I was drawn to an industry that leaves a lot of doors open.”

Before landing a job that would foster these skills, however, Jenkins turned to the Haverford alumni community for support. “Haverford’s alumni really do care about every past, present, and future member of the community,” he said. “Reaching out and getting to know a number of them was critical in my professional development and the level of gratitude and respect I have for them is inexpressible.”

Jenkins is also grateful for his many other advocates on campus, including fellow members of Haverford’s baseball team. “The unmatched support that I received from friends, teammates, coaches, faculty and staff gave me everything I needed to pursue any professional opportunity I wanted to,” said.

A double major in economics and mathematics, Jenkins laid the groundwork for his career in the classroom. “My economics coursework has helped me understand the forces behind movements in the economy and the state of the market, which both directly affect the content of my work,” he said. 

However, the skills he learned in his classes weren’t all technical. “Upper-level math courses foster the skill of effectively communicating the logic behind your work, which is essential in any team environment,” he said. 

Ultimately, Jenkins is happy to be fulfilling his aspirations and returning to his roots. “I’m looking forward to learning about the strategic and financial decisions of companies in industries that I’ve had lifelong interest in,” he said. “I’m also excited to be working in Los Angeles and near my hometown.”