COOL CLASSES: “Public Policy Analysis”

This political science course helps students develop a deeper understand of how public policy is made.

Class name: Public Policy Analysis

Taught by: Associate Professor of Political Science Zachary Oberfield


Here’s what Oberfield has to say about his course:

This course has four main goals. One: to provide students with a deeper understanding of how public policy is made. Two: to introduce students to policy analysis—the art and science of providing problem-solving advice. Three: to teach students about how to conduct research. And four: to help students establish a foundation for a successful senior thesis.

I wanted to teach this course because I think it offers a nice capstone to upper-level political science students. We offer courses on Congress, the presidency, bureaucracy, etc., but this course tries to put insights from these varied fields together to ask how public policy is made. It’s super complicated, but incredibly important. I also wanted to teach this course because it gives students experience with policy analysis, a practical skill they may use in their careers and an important part of the policy-making process.


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Photo by Cole Sansom ’19.