Where They’re Headed: Kofi Kwakwa ’19

The international studies major is interning at KiCK Global, a Barcelona-based marketing agency, prior to pursuing a similar position back in the U.S.

Kofi Kwakwa ’19 has a great party trick: he’s so convincing that he can effectively advertise your company from half a world away. The international studies major is finishing up his internship at KiCK Global, a Barcelona-based marketing agency, prior to pursuing a U.S. position in the same field. Throughout his senior year and into this summer, Kwakwa has worked remotely for KiCK, independently drawing up creative and effective ways to advertise growing businesses from the other side of the Atlantic.

“Working as a PR and copywriting intern has consisted of being in charge of branding, captioning, and analytics for a wide range of clients including hotel chains and local bars throughout Europe,” he said.

Kwakwa’s exchanges with KiCK’s clients have put him in contact with an assortment of individuals from across the professional world. Through conversing with them, he gleans bits of information about their businesses that are excitable and reproducible for advertising purposes.

“More than anything, my experience helps me understand how to interact with a range of highly ambitious individuals,” he said. “Not only do the intellectual conversations foster a genuine excitement about entering the post-college world, but they also help me understand the importance of using your virtues to your advantage.”

Working at KiCK has exposed Kwakwa to marketing, a career interest that wasn’t immediately evident to him as an international studies major with a minor in history. But even with no marketing courses under his belt, he has been able to realize the adaptability of what he’s learned from his courses.

“The nature of work I had to produce at Haverford improved both my writing skills and communication skills, which are two of the main pillars in the world of public relations,” he said. “The constructive criticism, both from teachers and peers, opened me to new perspectives which I seldom considered before attending Haverford.”

Proficiency in communicating isn’t just a skill that Kwakwa has fostered in his academic and professional life. It permeates his personal experience as well, giving him a variety of perspectives on interaction.

“Having shared most of my time growing up between Switzerland and the U.S. while traveling to visit family based in Ghana and Uganda, I have always prioritized maximizing efforts to stay in touch with those I meet along the way,” he reflected. “As a result, I have become aware of the true importance of communication, so in the long-run I hope to be able to help others hoping to do the same thing.”

With the tools and outlooks Kwakwa is able to bring to the table, he appears prepared to make a great addition to any marketing team down the line.

Where They’re Headed” is a blog series reporting on the post-collegiate plans of recent Haverford graduates.