Where They’re Headed: Noah Weinstein ’18

The computer science and mathematics double major is now working as a software engineer for Amazon in his hometown of Seattle, Washington.

For Noah Weinstein ’18, a career as a software engineer for Amazon marks two “returns:” one to his hometown of Seattle, Wash., and one to the company itself, where Weinstein interned last summer.

At Haverford, Weinstein double majored in computer science and mathematics, so he looks forward to applying the skills he gained as an undergraduate to the professional world.

“Computer science teaches us how to break down problems into pieces and solve them one at a time and how to abstract from a specific problem to a more general solution,” said Weinstein. “I think that math greatly increased my abstract problem-solving skills, which is useful when trying to solve software engineering problems. I really like being able to apply my problem solving skills to real-world problems.”

Weinstein also expressed gratitude for the unique educational style of his Haverford experience.

“The diverse array of discussion-based classes at Haverford was also very helpful,” he said. “Discussing ideas, giving and receiving constructive criticism, and determining the best course of action as a team are important parts of software engineering and my Haverford classes encouraged these skills.”

As a software engineer, Weinstein is coding, discussing project specification details, fixing bugs, attending team meetings, and writing documentation. He is also working with Amazon’s “Last Mile Operations” team, which manages the last mile of delivery to a customer’s house.

“This is a growing and exciting part of Amazon,” Weinstein said. “Being able to not just implement an idea, but discuss it and defend it as well is a very important skill, and there will be many smart, experienced people to learn from.”

Weinstein is looking forward to starting his career next month, and is optimistic about his future in the industry.

“This should be a great opportunity to gain software engineering and teamwork experience,” he said. “I also think contributing to projects and tools used by people everyday will be very satisfying. Being part of a thriving company with new opportunities constantly arising will be both exciting and a great learning experience.”


Where They’re Headed” is a blog series reporting on the post-collegiate plans of recent Haverford graduates.


Photo courtesy of Noah Weinstein ’18.