Where They’re Headed: Kevin Gibbs ’18

The English major is combining his interests in law and higher education as the development coordinator at the University of San Francisco School of Law.

It is not uncommon for Haverford students to venture to law school after graduation, but for Kevin Gibbs ‘18, it was important to explore a behind-the-scenes role at the University of San Francisco School of Law.

As the development coordinator in the Office of Development and Alumni Relations, the English major is able to apply the lessons he learned as an English major and a sociology minor with a concentration in peace, justice, and human rights.

“This position requires experience with project management, database analysis, and written and verbal communications, which my degree has provided me with in spades.” Gibbs said.

On a typical day, Gibbs spends his time writing potential donors and organizing fundraising campaigns, drafting written communications to be sent from the Development Office, and analyzing the results of past fundraisers and financial efforts.

Gibbs is enjoying his first post-college job because it is helping him understand both the advantages of a law school education and the administrative processes of post-secondary education.

“This job is much more of a serious job than those I’ve held in the past — I even wear a tie,” he joked. “My new job is really the culmination of my prior experience. I’ve worked in education before, for Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth, and at my on-campus job in the mailroom at Haverford, and this job builds off of both those experiences, combining them with greater professional responsibility, and an interest in both writing and data analysis.”

For Gibbs, the University’s location in the heart of San Francisco is also a big plus of his job.

“The city itself always has something going on,” he said, “and I’m planning on attending more plays, visiting more museums, and going to more concerts. My apartment is located a short walk from many different restaurants, a short bus ride from downtown, and a short BART ride to Berkeley, Oakland, and beyond. I hope to get a feel for both city life and holding a professional job.”

Learning the inner workings of a graduate school program, Gibbs hopes, will also prepare him for his own eventual return to grad school.  

“I have an interest in both law and higher education, and I am seeking professional experience before furthering my education through either law or graduate school,” Gibbs said.


“Where They’re Headed” is a blog series reporting on the post-collegiate plans of recent Haverford graduates.


Photo courtesy of Kevin Gibbs ’18.