CLUB LIFE: Reviewing the Review

The Review has been Haverford College’s student-run literary magazine for over 20 years.

WHAT: The Review publishes poems, vignettes, “flash fiction,” art, and photography, although all submissions are required to adhere to a page limit.

WHEN & WHERE: The editorial board meets every  Wednesday at 8 p.m. in Woodside Cottage’s Meditation Room. One issue, printed and distributed throughout campus during the spring, is produced every year. Submissions are accepted from September through February.

WHY: By recognizing the best of student work each year, the Review “offers the student body a really critical outlet for creative expression,” says current co-head Emily Chazen ’18.  Indirectly, it serves as a space where students with similarly literary or artistic interests can meet and connect with each other. While the majority of meetings focus on evaluating the quality of recent submissions, writing sessions are occasionally held as well.

WHO: The Review is student-run. It is currently headed by Emily Chazen ‘18 and Eleanor Morgan ‘20.

DID YOU KNOW? The Review took a brief hiatus during the 2010-2011 school year, but has been up and running again ever since. While there is not currently a digital archive, hard copies of past issues are available—just come see the current heads in the club’s VCAM headquarters!

GET INVOLVED: To submit to the Review, send an email to with your piece embedded as an attachment. Meetings are open to all.

Photo of The Review‘s co-heads (from left) Emily Chazen ’18 and Eleanor Morgan ’20 by Sarah Jennings ’21