Delightful Dorm Decorations

This year’s #haverhome contest on Instagram brought out some of the most creatively decorated rooms on campus.

The dorm decorations here on campus are as varied as the residents—that’s what we learned during the second ever #haverhome Instagram contest, held this past September. From four-person apartments to suites with common spaces to singles in both our newest (Kim and Tritton) and oldest (Barclay) dorms, many of the different residence halls on campus were represented in the dozens of submissions. And everyone who participated (by using the #haverhome hashtag on Instagram over the course of the month) showcased their own personal style, creativity, interests, and resourcefulness in making their living space on campus into a home.

This year’s winner, Austin Huber ’19, showcased his (and his suitemates’) sleek, sophisticated style in their sharp Leeds common room. But as you can see from the portraits taken from some of our other favorite entries, it was hard to pick a winner. We were especially impressed by runners-up Madison Sultan ’19, who handcrafted giant metal-pipe frames for her artwork, replete with attached lighting, and Sarah Jesup ’20, who showcased lots of her hand-lettering and illustration work throughout her room. (Check out the rest of Jesup’s Instagram for more of her cool design work; she takes commissions!) The warm lighting, greenery, and floral themes in Rebecca Fisher’s room seemed so inviting. And our 2016 winner, Jenna Medeiros ’18, made another stellar showing, too, with a clean, white color palette and some paper lanterns.

In the end, only a few could win a prize, but every single submission was a winner. Thank you to everyone who shared photos of their creative dorm decorations and to everyone who works hard to make #haverhomes at Haverford.

Photos by Sarah Jennings ’20.