Where They’re Headed: Rebecca Miller ’17

After changing her mind about becoming a biomedical engineer, the math major and statistics minor will use her love of numbers as a marketing data analyst at Crossix.

Rebecca Miller ’17 is using data to help answer questions about “really important, real-world questions about healthcare” at Crossix in New York City. The math major and statistics minor from Cincinnati, Ohio, who has long wanted to work in the data industry, will begin her job at the healthcare marketing company in July.

Crossix leverages analytics from different sources—medical claims, over-the-counter sales, consumer demographics—to pinpoint tactics that improve patient outcomes and business results, and their software even allows their analysts to look at patient data without violating federal privacy regulations. Miller’s responsibilities as a data analyst include examining consumer choices in healthcare, analyzing data to understand why patients switch drugs, and evaluating the effectiveness of ad campaigns in affecting patient decision-making.

Though the math major entered Haverford hoping to become a biomedical engineer, the love of statistics she explored at Haverford set her on a different track, because, she says, she enjoyed learning how to solve problems using “data analysis correctly and ethically.”

“Haverford gave me the freedom to explore what I really loved,” she says, “I had the ability to change my mind and find something I really loved.”

Miller first learned about Crossix at a STEM recruiting event hosted by the Center for Career and Professional Advising. The primary appeal of the New York healthcare company to her was “the collaboration and cooperation that was apparent there.” It also helped that Crossix has several Tri-College alumni in its ranks.

“Having come from Haverford, and the math department specifically, I knew that I work best in that kind of atmosphere, so I was really excited to find a company that seemed to also believe in those values,” she says.

Photo by Hannah Weissmann ’17.

“Where They’re Headed” is a blog series reporting on the post-collegiate plans of recent Haverford graduates.