Deck Lloyd’s Halls

Tis the season for the beloved campus tradition in which denizens of the upperclass dorm decorate their entryways with festive lights, wrapping paper, and even a couple of Minions.

Though darkness comes earlier each day in December leading up to the winter solstice, campus is always full of light this time of year. That’s because of the beloved tradition of Lloyd Lights. For 16 years now, the dorm’s denizens have decked its halls with string lights and other creative ornaments (you’ll note that Lloyd 41-42 got some help from movie Minions this year) in a competition to see which entryway has the most spirit (or just the best decorating skills).

Students’ Council funds the effort and, last Friday evening, awarded 61-62 the $50 first prize. But that’s not a definitive title; make your voice heard by voting in the College’s (unofficial, but still fun anyway) poll. Voting will be up through the end of the year, even if the lights will not. (They must be taken down by the semester’s end, which is tomorrow.)

Photos by Patrick Montero.