Ford Scientists Present Their Research

At the KINSC’s 12th annual Undergraduate Science Research Symposium, students from the Tri-Co and other area colleges showcased their summer work.

On Saturday, September 24, the Koshland Integrated Natural Sciences Center (KINSC) hosted the 12th Annual Undergraduate Science Research Symposium, a daylong event celebrating the summer research undertaken by students from Haverford, Bryn Mawr, Swarthmore, Franklin and Marshall, Dickinson, Gettysburg, and Ursinus colleges.

The symposium consisted of two poster sessions and four selected student talks. Grace Thiele ’17  gave a talk titled “Caught in the Act: Tracking the Movements of the Acyl Carrier Protein;” Audra Devoto ’17 presented on “Using CRISPs to Determine Phag-Host Interactions in Complex Microbial Communities;” Emery Trott ’17 spoke on “Constraining Dark Matter Axions;” and Richard Phillips ’18 gave a presentation on “Active Learning Recommendations for Exploratory Synthesis.” A total of 83 students presented their summer research in a variety of fields ranging from astronomy, biology, chemistry, and physics to computer science, math, psychology, and geology.

Summer research uniquely engenders student-and-faculty collaboration outside of a classroom setting. Students got to learn about specific topics of interest and take the initiative to help design and conduct experiments and studies. This annual symposium celebrates that collaboration and student scholastic agency.

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Photos by Leigh Taylor