Furry Friends for Finals

The Pre-Vet Society hosted its twice yearly De-Stress With Dogs event, bringing pups from Main Line Animal Rescue to campus to cuddle with students as a study break.

Finals time can be stressful. But it’s well known that petting a pooch can reduce blood pressure, and recent studies have shown that it can also increase oxytocin. That’s why, a few years ago, the Pre-Vet Society started holding its popular De-Stress With Dogs events during the final push of the semester, when papers are due and exams are scheduled. Pups from Main Line Animal Rescue are brought to campus to socialize in preparation for their “forever homes,” while helping finals-frazzled students decompress.

This semester’s event, held May 4, was scheduled to be outside, but the gray, rainy skies chased the dogs and dog-lovers indoors. It didn’t matter, though; the furry friends brightened the mood in the Campus Center game room. Dogs both big and small got lots of attention from the gathered Fords, and everyone looks like they got in a little rest and relaxation.

Photos by Caleb Eckert ’17