Dogs, Dogs, Dogs!

On Tuesday it was time again for the Punt Pre-Vet Society twice yearly Destress With Dogs event. Joining the pups from Main Line Animal Rescue this semester was presidential pooch Allie.

How best to cope with the stress of finals? Ice cream? All-nighters? Exercise? The Punt Pre-Vet Society knows that nothing calms a frazzled student like a little puppy power. That’s why every semester during exams they partner with Main Line Animal Rescue to bring some dogs to campus. It’s a win-win: the pups get some much deserved attention and the students get to take a much needed break to pet and play with the dogs (a scientifically proven stress reliever).

Joining this year’s coterie of canines, including 7-year-old pit mix Annie and 9-year-old golden retriever Rosey, was even a presidential pooch. Allie, Dan Weiss’ golden retriever, was among the dogs getting smothered with snuggles on Tuesday¬†afternoon on Founders Green.

Photos by Patrick Montero