DROPSHOT Presents Two New Student Exhibits

Two new art installations are featured in Ryan Gym. One looks at the changing seasons; the other meditates on the impending transformation of Ryan Gym.

Pieces of linen and artwork hang inside Ryan Gym, as the space is transformed yet again, this time by students Honglang Huang’s ’16 and Miji Ryu’s ’16 art installations that opened April 17.

Huang’s exhibit, titled “Picturebook of Time, Picturebook in Space,” is a physical representation of changing seasons and the flow of time.  Pieces of gauzy, translucent linen with watercolor paintings hang inside a tent whose walls are decorated with little pieces of artwork.

Ryu’s installation, “Of Tomorrow,” is an exhibit to acknowledge and meditate on the upcoming transformation of Ryan Gym. The building will soon undergo complete restructuring in order to be redesigned into a new, yet undecided, space for students. Trees painted on a thin, white cloth are hung from the ceiling.

Ryu describes her exhibit in a statement as serving the “intermediary of the forgotten and the imagined, a transient forest will walk along Ryan Gym… It is a wish upon the Ryan Gym for a quiet transition in remembrance and in anticipation.”

The exhibits are presented by DROPSHOT, which is an experimental gallery and performance venue in the old squash courts of Ryan Gym for students and also a collective of students. DROPSHOT describes itself as combining the “the jaunty playfulness of your kid sister, the unabashed naïveté of a freshman, the urgency of a Bible man at the apocalypse, and the drunk flippancy of a frat boy.”

The exhibits also are supported by John B. Hurford ’60 Center for the Arts and Humanities (HCAH) Student Arts Fund.

—By Hina Fathima”15

Photos by Brad Larrison