Wanna Be My HaverValentine?

Students celebrated the month of love with giggles and gaiety at the Fords Against Boredom’s (FAB) annual — and much anticipated — Dating Game held Feb. 6 at the Dining Center.

How well do you know your best friend or partner? Are you willing to perform a mating call in order to win your sweetie or dye your eyebrows for the love of your life? Really, how much would you do for love?

For 200 Haverford students, the answer was a lot of silliness.  On Feb. 6, they poured in to the Dining Center to celebrate the month of love with giggles and gaiety at the Fords Against Boredom’s (FAB) annualand much anticipatedDating Game event. Students partook as romantic couples, best friends, bachelors, and bachelorettes in a game similar to the “Newlyweds” TV show.

Besides covering mating calls, hosts Caroline Steliotes and Annika Ulrich, both first-year students, peppered singles with questions such as: “If you were to serenade me with a song, what song would you choose?” That was followed up, of course, with: “If you’re so inclined, sing a bit of it for us.” Perhaps a tad more risqué was this inquiry to the men: “What’s your favorite part of your own body?”  The women were asked what kind of  “tramp stamp” (otherwise known as a lower back tattoo) they would get if they had to get one.

Best friends, on the other hand, had to prove how well they knew each other. They were asked: “What rap song best represents your friendship?” and “How will your best friend change the world?”  Similarly, romantic couples had to wrangle with what candy best described their first kiss: Starburst, Good and Plenty, Hot Tamales, Milk Duds, or Zero. Ouch!

The romantic couple and best friend rounds were the most competitive.The winners of each round received $50 gift cards to local restaurants.

“Even though I have no prior experience, I think my favorite part is assembling the questions and people,” says Ulrich, who was dressed in a pink Cupid costume. “It’s important to keep in mind what will make attendees laugh while also providing a fun atmosphere for the people participating.”

Of course, FAB’s Dating Game also means that finding a HaverValentine has never been easier or so much fun.

— Hina Fathima ’15

Photo by Peter-J-Pann