Love Shack

This Valentine’s Day, Haverford students got crafty.
Fords Against Boredom (FAB), an organization that coordinates free student events on and off campus, hosted their annual Love Shack gathering last Friday (2/14) in Ryan Gym. Provided with graham crackers, candy of all sorts, chocolate syrup, and colorful frosting, student teams designed their own “gingerbread” houses and other architectural masterpieces.
At the end of the night, teams were awarded prizes for the most creative, most romantic and most Haverfordian designs. Teams were free to take their creations back to their dorms, and to snag some leftover candy, whether to eat, or to share with friends.Carroll-8043 Carroll-8060 Carroll-8067 Carroll-8077 Carroll-8100 Carroll-8111 Carroll-8116 Carroll-8126 Carroll-8133Carroll-8151 Carroll-8141Photos by Thom Carroll.