Friday Night Fun

The Throng improv group performs in the Lunt basement.
Last Friday, November 8th, was a busy night for students on campus!
Student performance groups, community housing affinity groups, and religious clubs were all represented in the packed schedule of popular events hosted that evening. The Throng (pictured above), a student improv comedy troupe, staged their first performance of the semester in Lunt Basement. Three a cappella groups, the all-male S-Chords, the co-ed Mainliners, and the Bi-Co all-female Counterpoint, teamed up to provide a mid-semester show in Zubrow Commons.
The Spanish-language community house La Casa Hispánica hosted a craft celebration in honor of Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). In keeping with one of the traditions of the a Mexican holiday, which is celebrated Oct. 30-Nov. 2,  attendees decorated sugar skulls with glitter paint, pipe cleaners, and feathers.
Elsewhere on campus, the QuaC, or Quaker Community, hosted a sing-along session in the Skatehouse, the historic building right next to the Duck Pond. Some students brought guitars to play and marshmallows to roast over the roaring fire.
Here are some snapshots of each of these events:
Improv group The Throng performs their show “Taha, A Man Gone Insane”:
The Throng improv group performs in the Lunt basement.
The Mainliners perform at a joint a cappella midsemester concert with the Ford S-Chords and a Bi-Co group, Counterpoint:
The Mainliners perform in Zubbrow Commons. The Mainliners perform in Zubbrow Commons.
The QuaC (Quaker Community) Group’s Skatehouse Singalong event:
Students sing along in the Skate House. Damon Motz-Storey '16 sings by the fireplace at the Skate House. Students gathered around the Skate House fire place to sing songs.La Casa Hispánica’s ‘Día de los Muertos’ Craft Celebration:
SpanishHouse001 Students decorate skulls at a Dia de los Muertes event at the Spanish House. Sarah Gebre '16 decorated herself, and a skull, at a Dia de los Muertes event.All photos by Brad Larrison.