Discussions With Dan

Weiss_Talk_007Ever wonder what exactly a college president does?
To answer that question, new president of the college Dan Weiss met with students at an informal open forum last Thursday (9/26) in Chase Auditorium, from 7:30 to 8:30p.m. During this discussion, he outlined his job responsibilities and explained his priorities for the college. Students were encouraged to ask questions during the talk.
This is the second in this series of seminars, designed to facilitate engagement between students and the new president. The first, called Donuts with Dan, was held just a few weeks before.
Interested in learning more about the details of the event? Read the Haverford Clerk’s article.
Weiss_Talk_005 Students listen as President Dan Weiss answers a question. Weiss_Talk_010 Weiss_Talk_011
Photos by Brad Larrison.