Sex Drive Opens

Sex Drive, a new exhibition that grapples with the conventions that govern sexuality, opened in our Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery last Friday. Despite frosty temperatures and snowfall, the evening’s festivities had the second-highest attendance ever at the gallery (after PROBLEMY, the show that opened the gallery season in early September).

Sex Drive was curated by the Artistic Director of the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center Stuart Horodner, who developed the exhibition in conjunction with the Haverford College humanities seminar, “Sex, State, and Society in the Early Modern World.” The exhibit includes work by Larry Jens Anderson, Patricia Cronin, Melanie Manchot, Duncan Grant, Christopher Makos, Leon Golub, Forrest McMullin, Andres Serrano, David Wojnarowicz, Leigh Ledare, Mira Schor, Peter Hujar, Ion Birch, Lynn Cazabon, Michael Patterson-Carver, Anissa Mack, Steve Gianakos, Clarissa Sligh, Jon Coplans and Claude Cahun. A wallpaper design by Nancy VanDevender and a video by Vertna Bradley were commissioned especially for this show.
Don’t miss your chance to see this provocative show for yourself. It will be on display at the Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery (which you can follow on Twitter for its latest updates) through March 4. Visit the Sex Drive site for further details, related essays and a preview of some of the art work. (WARNING: Some works in this exhibition contain graphic sexual imagery. Visitor discretion is advised.)