Stephen T. Curwood, Haverford Board of Managers, presents the honorary Doctor of Laws to Nozizwe Madlala-Routledge, Deputy Speaker of the Parliament of South Africa.
“As a Quaker and Friend who remained a pacifist during the struggle against apartheid she was never afraid to speak truth to power… and as a passionate defender of human rights and womens’ rights she is still not afraid to speak truth to power… ”
Madlala-Routledge:  “I congratulate all the students who are graduating today… but I wish to remind you that…the world you are about enter is changing…”
She quotes Nelson Mandela: “No one is born hating another person for the color of their skin, or their religion or their background; they must be taught to hate, and if they can be taught to hate they can be taught to love …
Be proud of who you are. Test your conscience in the deepest part of your innner being and persevere in what you know is right… As I  leave and go back to South Africa I hope to build on this relationship we have established between Haverford College and my country South Africa.”
Linda Bell asks the the Class of 2009 to rise. President Emerson confers the degrees. “I invite each of you to receive the college’s diploma as a symbol of your achievements…”
Aryeh Kosman begins the reading of  the names: “Kathleen Keeegan Abels , Claire Choi Adams, Mark Warren Adelsberg …” and the graduates file up to the stage to receive their diplomas.