Haverford On The Web, Wednesday 11/5

Norm Pearlstine ’64, who once headed up Time, Inc., is the lead anecdote in a Vanity Fair profile of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s media empire. “Gone is the private office; here, both of Pearlstine’s workstations are smaller, and have less privacy, than that of his former secretary. All of which is fine by him. As far as Pearlstine is concerned, what really differentiates Bloomberg News from all of the Establishment outlets he’s been at in the past is the fact that it is still making money. “I haven’t felt this energized in a long time,” he told me on his second day in his new digs. “I can’t stress enough the excitement.”
Ted Robinson ’59, a retired pediatrician, has a refreshing perspective on our health care system.  “His experience in medicine is that ‘practicing good medicine can be practicing cost-effective medicine. Time spent asking questions can reap huge savings’…Looking at today’s health care system, he said that ‘doctors have more incentive [to order tests and prescribe medications] than to take case history. It’s the physicians who drive costs.'”
John Berg ’84 lands a top role at Young & Rubicam. “John is a brilliant addition to our North America management team,” said Tom Sebok, President and CEO of Y&R North America. “He knows how to drive growth, knows how to develop and deliver great work, and understands the impact that building the right agency culture has on both. John Berg always touches the heart of his clients and his employees, and that translates to great results.”