Haverford On The Web, Friday 10/3

Baseball Alert:  New York Times profile of Tony Petitti ’83, who is running the new Major League Baseball TV network.  As the article points out, Tony played catcher while a student here. 

Meanwhile, in the beautiful wilds of western Massachusetts, Cassie ’97 makes jewelry and laments having moved out of our Alumni Relations “Young Alumni” organizational category, at least formally.  In my experience — and I’ve had a lot given that I left that category way long ago — “young” is purely a state of mind.  Older, younger, whatever — Cassie seems to be putting her time to good use as evidenced by the lovely work displayed in her online shop.   
Breathtaking photo exhibit:  if you’re at all able and even only moderately interested, a trip to see the new Art Sinsabaugh exhibit here on campus is well worth the effort.  Here’s a blog reference.